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BMW 3 Black

Manufactured: 2009
Acceleration to 100 km/h: 7.9 sec
Power: 156 h.p.
Transmission: Automatic
Drive: rear drive
Security deposit: 15 000 ₽

The stylish German car will appeal to those who love luxury and comfort. The black exterior of the body is noticeable, but not clamorous. This car is not for racing, but for business. Drive it to a business meeting and nothing else will emphasize your status and impeccable taste like a black convertible from BMW. It is clear at first glance – you are the one who values both time and money.


Rent per day Rent starting 3 days Rent starting 7 days Security deposit
4 490 ₽ 3 990 ₽ 3 490 ₽ 15 000 ₽