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BMW Z4 Blue

Manufactured: 2009
Acceleration to 100 km/h: 6.9 sec
Power: 218 h.p.
Transmission: Automatic
Drive: rear drive
Security deposit: 15 000 ₽

The magnificent design of the German roadster will make you choose right this model. Accentuated headlight rings emphasize belonging to the BMW family. Extended hood means the car modernity and improves aerodynamic qualities making the roadster drive even faster and more confidently. The automatically folding roof makes this BMW model an excellent option for summer rest; you can unfold the top in the daytime heat, and simply lower it to fully enjoy the evening chill. Rent of such an elegant car is a thoughtful choice of a person accustomed to combine style with reasonable savings.


Rent per day Rent starting 3 days Security deposit
4 990 ₽ 4 500 ₽ 15 000 ₽