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BMW Z4 Yellow

Manufactured: 2012
Acceleration to 100 km/h: 5.9 sec
Power: 276 h.p.
Transmission: Automatic
Drive: Rear drive
Security deposit: 30 000 ₽

This car combines both classic features and sporty dash. We can confidently say that this is a sports car with soul, significantly different from the “quiet and non-marvelous” economy class models. Even a glance at this car is enough to understand that the trip will be enjoying. Enjoying driving, speed, comfort, as well as the flows of fresh wind. The roadster feature is a folding top making it convenient to use at any time of the year. Meet the branded BMW comfort.


Rent per day Rent starting 3 days Security deposit
9 990 ₽ 9 000 ₽ 30 000 ₽